Spring, is the best period of the year to ride our motorcycles in Greece!

The temperature is around 24 to 28 degrees during this time of the year.

It is the ideal season to enjoy the landscape, to smell the flowers, to experience the bigger days since the sun rises at 5.10′ and sets at around 19.30′.

That means many hours of daylight to depart in the morning and come back in the evening to our hotels to enjoy the fabulous colors of the sunset! No rain and no humidity ensure the best weather conditions for the riders and their bikes!All the above reasons, justify our decision to schedule this event in spring time.

Accommodation in double room: 470 €

(You can choose with whom you prefer to stay. Otherwise WE will do it for you, choosing the best matching option based on nationality, age etc., IF this is possible.)

Accommodation in single room: 530 €

Prices include:
4-night accommodation, Breakfast and all meals for 4 days, Memorabilia, Motorcycle break down – recovery support etc.

Are not inclouding:
Petrol, Tax 3 euro per person per day (12 euro for the 4 days), Tickets to the Archeological sites.
In the case that you want to arrive earlier or to leave later and stay at the same hotel, you must notify us on time.

We will provide a big discount on the Ferry from Ancona to Patras and back (stay tuned, it will be announced in the next days).

We will provide First Aid support and police support / escort.

We accept motorcycles with year of construction up to 31/12/1979. (For bikes with later year of construction and not later of 1989, please contact us at

Max. number of participants: 100 bikes. 

Application Procedure:
First you send the Application Form. After your approval, you transfer the money and your participation is confirmed.

Expiring date for applications: 15th March, 2020.

In the case that the maximum number of participants is reached earlier, we will announce the closure of the Application Procedure.