21 May 2020

First day

Thursday 21st of May:
First day of ridding and we will approach Cape Sounion, the Temple of Poseidon, ridding along the Athens Riviera! We will eat in local restaurant and we will return to our hotels through National Reserve of Sounion!

 (Total driving distance is around 140 kms)


22 May 2020

Second day

Friday 22nd of May:
On this day we will depart a little bit earlier. We will arrive to city and harbor of Pireaus, to take the boat to the island of Aegina! After 90 minutes of sailing, we will arrive and do the round of the island, we will visit the ancient Temple of Afaia, (built the 5th century b.c. by Ictinos the architect of Acropolis of Athens). The menu is fish, in a seaside restaurant!

We will stay for a couple of hours at the city of Aegina (free time) and in the early afternoon we will take the boat back to Piraeus and our hotels.

(Total driving distance around 100 Kms)


23 May 202

Third day

Saturday 23rd of May:
We will visit Marathon village, where the famous Battle of Marathon took place, the place where Athenians stopped the Persians to occupy Europe – and protected the European civilization.

After winning the battle, Fidipides run back to Athens to announce to the citizens of Athens NENIKIKAME that means, WE WON!

After running all this distance of 42 klm fully armored (32 kgr), he collapsed dead!

The whole world honored this fact, and organizes the famous MARATHON RUN!

We will of course do the Marathon Run with our bikes!

We will visit the tomb of Marathon and we will stop for lunch at the local village.

(Total driving distance around 130 Kms)


24 May 2020

Fourth day

Sunday 24th of May:
After breakfast we will visit the center of Athens (10 kms distance from hotel).

We will spend around three to four hours, to visit the city.

At around 13.00 o clock, we will go back to our hotels,